The Process - Design It!

Why hire an Architect?

Are you wondering how to maximize the use of your lot, or how to build without destroying those beautiful oak trees?

As your architect, one of my first tasks is to do a site analysis. This analysis identifies suitable building locations and appropriate structure types for the existing topography. It accesses the impact these structures might have on the existing landscape. It also identifies environmental factors such as sun angles, prevailing breezes and site/view lines, all which affect the orientation of the proposed home.

Do you need to get out of your box? Is it time to build that dream home or to renovate your existing home to accommodate your changing lifestyle?

As an architect, I am trained in creating solutions. I create a total environment, designed around the way you live. I will help you define your spatial requirements and their functionality, and I help in identifying elements of a building style that reflect your taste. I can present planning ideas, materials, and aesthetic elements you might not have otherwise considered. I can also propose ways you can get more from your investment. Good design not only decreases building costs. It also decreases energy needs and it typically increases resale value.

Are you unsure how to proceed with your dream home?

I am your architect, your guide thru the building process. I provide insight and direction in the planning stage and then produce the design, drawings and specifications by which the home will be built. I can assist you in finding qualified builders, appropriate for the scope and budget of your project. I can help you evaluate construction bids. During the construction process, I insure that the building process runs smoothly by making visits to the construction site, and verifying that the work is proceeding according to plan. I represent and advocate for you. I am on your side of the table.

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